Heading to the Pet Store

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What to Do if Your Pet Is Struggling With Joint Pain


Seeing your pet in pain isn't something that any pet owner wants to go through. Nonetheless, it's entirely possible for pets who have experienced injury or who are getting on in their years to develop joint pain as a result. Whether you have a cat or a dog, if they're having a hard time with their joints, it's time to do what you can to give them a boost. Here's what you should consider and avoid. 

Normal Medication

When people are experiencing joint pain, the first thing they tend to reach for is a pain reliever, like aspirin or ibuprofen. However, there's a problem with trying this with your pet: these medications are toxic for cats and dogs, especially if administered in human-sized doses.

As a result, you should never try to medicate your cat or dog with human medication. If you're wondering if something you have on hand could be helpful to your pet, call and consult with a vet before doing anything. However, just because you can't use standard painkillers doesn't mean your pet must continue to struggle with the pain.


It's becoming popular for both cats and dogs to use pet supplements. These supplements come in all kinds of varieties to support various conditions, including joint pain. One particular type of joint supplement you might consider is glucosamine.

Glucosamine is helpful in supporting the cushioning in your pet's joints. This is what provides a layer of protection between the bones, keeping them from rubbing against each other. When the cushioning runs out, it can induce pain as the bones rub against each other whenever your pet takes a step. This supplement can help reduce the pain coming from walking or other motion in your pet's joints.

Plants and Herbs

Another thing to consider is various herbs and plant-based supplements. Ingredients like turmeric and even vitamin E can help to bring down inflammation in the joints. While this won't stop the loss of the cushioning between the joints, it can help to reduce the discomfort and irritation that is caused, reducing the discomfort your pet is in. 

Once your pet is feeling a little better, you can introduce exercise to help strengthen their joints and get them feeling more like themselves. However, always keep in mind that you should buy supplements intended for pets, as they've been tested for efficacy with animals and will come in doses that are safe to provide to your pet. Even if you have things like turmeric lying around your home, go with a safe and tested product rather than trying to administer it to your cat or dog yourself.

For more information about supplements for animals, contact a pet supplement distributor or a local pet store.


2 October 2020