Heading to the Pet Store

Who doesn't like to go to the pet store? Maybe you initially walk in to buy food for your dog or a toy for your cat, but you then spend a little time admiring the hamsters and fish while you're there. Pet stores are magical places for those who love animals, and they can be a good place to learn about various species, too. Whether you have a dog, cat, gerbil, or exotic snake, you can find the supplies to satisfy their needs at your local pet store. Read more about pet stores on this website, where we dive deep into the topic.

Why You Need A Kennel Bed


A lot of dog owners use a kennel to contain their dogs at certain times. If your pet is still a puppy, you might keep it in the kennel when it's home alone, for example. While kennels can vary significantly in size and design, one thing that they don't generally have is a bed that covers their base. If you've recently bought a kennel for your pet, one of your next purchases should be to buy a kennel bed — a product that you can find at virtually any online pet supply store. This is a type of bed that is specifically designed to fit in a kennel; whereas many dog beds are circular, this bed is rectangular. Here are some reasons why you should have a kennel bed.


The main reason to put a kennel bed in your dog's kennel is for the comfort of your pet. Some kennels have a plastic or rubber base, while others are open on the bottom — which means that your dog would be directly on your floor. A kennel bed provides a few inches of padding beneath the dog, which will give it comfort when it sleeps. Some dogs can spend a lot of time in their kennels, especially when they're puppies, so you want your pet to be comfortable in this space. If a dog isn't comfortable, it may become restless and anxious.


A kennel bed can also absorb the sound that your dog makes when it's in this space. Without the bed, you'd almost certainly hear your dog's nails clicking on the plastic base or your floor. If you keep the dog in the kennel at night until it's fully trained, you don't want to hear the sound of its nails when you're trying to sleep. The plush nature of a kennel bed will allow your dog to move around in a silent manner.

Floor Protection

If you have a kennel that is open on the bottom, meaning that your dog will be resting directly on your floor, you'll definitely want a kennel bed to protect the floor. Depending on what type of flooring you have beneath the kennel, there's a risk that a dog could cause some damage. For example, if the dog were to scratch the floor while it's home alone, it could easily leave gouges that will be evident once you move the kennel. It's better for the dog to scratch its kennel bed than the floor of your home. 

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11 January 2023